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PEX Furniture run core collection full mesh office chair features a mesh seat and back that allow for maximum air circulation for a cool and comfortable task chair experience that works in any office climate. The office chair has height-adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support that helps alleviate pressure, provide comfort, and allow for seat customization. The waterfall seat edge promotes better leg circulation by preventing pressure on the back of your thighs. The adjustable headrest tilts to provide support to the right spot and is easily adjustable for comfort throughout the day.


JERVIS Series :

1. Dynamic sitting position with height control for headrests.
2. Has a backrest that can support your spine.
3. Has a precise armrest according to the height of your work table and your comfort, with an adjustable position (Up and down, pad forwards and backs, sloping right and left as well as a hand position that can maneuver to the right and left)
4. It has been equipped with a mechanical compatile that increasingly makes you comfortable and can lock when in a lean position. * (with a guarantee that we can guarantee).
5. Already equipped with the best class 4 Gas lift * (with a guarantee we can guarantee).
6. Already equipped with the best Aluminum feet * (with a guarantee that we can guarantee).
7. Already equipped with certified nylon wheels * (with a guarantee that we can guarantee).
8. Please inquire about the availability of seat colors and net colors. If not, we send random.
9. 1 year guarantee for spare parts.